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Partita (concertante for oboe, clarinet and orchestra)




ob (solo), cl (solo) + fl (afl), ob (ca), cl (bcl), tsax, bsn, hn, trbn, timp, 2 perc (BD, Tam-t, 3, 3 wdbl, 3 TD, vib, 2 c.bell, Sus.cym), pno/cel, storch





Commissioned by

Teatru Manoel for Valletta International Baroque Festival


Deigo Dini Cacci, Fabrizio Meloni
Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Riccardo Bianchi
Valletta International Baroque Festival
16th January 2018
Teatru Manoel (Valletta, Malta)


I. allemande
II. chorale (concertini)
III. sarabande
IV. chorale (ripieni)
V. double gigue

‘Partita’ takes the form of a suite of Baroque-inspired dances and pieces. The concertante does not attempt to assimilate the heroic nature frequently associated with the concerto form as it developed over the past two centuries. Instead it draws inspiration from the concerto grosso of the 17th century, placing a focus on a continuously unfolding relationship between the soloists as a duo and the orchestra.

The piece appears as a faded memory of a long-gone aesthetic world. It shifts between quoted material, pastiche-phrases and rhythmic and harmonic musical skeletons. These move at various paces between the orchestra and the soloists in a dichotomous attempt to bring harmony and highlight contrast between the disparate ensembles.

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